Thursday, October 23, 2014

Philippines says I LUV Coffee

I Luv Coffee celebrate National Coffee Day Philippines.
By Elmark Pentecoste

ESSENTIAL BRANDS GROUP SOUTH EAST ASIA (EBG SEA) celebrates National Coffee Day last Oct 21 in Manila through a simple forum ala meeting event. This is to raise awareness on the role of the Philippines as one of the Coffee producing country along the so-called “Coffee Belt”.

EBG SEA flagship brand is the I LUV COFFEE EXPRESS MACHINES and it also includes I LUV COFFEE, I LUV SLUSH and I LUV FROZEE. They have nine (9) types of coffee beans that originate from Australia and the Milk and Chocolates are 99% Fat free.

EBG SEA is providing total beverage solutions that would help your business and personal needs, but it is recommended for business. The cheaper price of a machine cost about Php 200,000.00 with “No Franchise Fee, No Royalty Fee “All of the machines are originated from Italy.

If you would ask the price of the coffee per cup, it only cost 50 pesos. Using a Php 600.00/KG (the cheaper coffee bean) and if you are a business man this machine will help you to get the return of investment in three months’ time if you have a lot customer who drink coffee.

You can now savor the real coffee flavor with innovative and world class machine thru their partners like Ministop, The Frap Bar in Nueva Ecija, Sky Go Delta Airlines, 7-Eleven, Polland Hopia and in San Miguel Food Avenue. The machines will be deployed in more stores nationwide as a testament of the love of Filipinos for coffee and a service which is fast and convenient.

The event also includes the post-launching of #freecoffee morning for those who want to join their “Coffee Lovers Club’, and the amazing #CoffeeStory contest for bloggers.

For more information you can visit , their facebook page at and twitter account at .

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Experiencing Dinner In The Dark at Residence Inn in Tagaytay.

RESIDENCE INN in Tagaytay City did a good job in hosting the fast rising one of a kind experience Dinner in the dark (Black Dinner), a much talk awareness campaign challenge for the benefit of people who are blind.

In the event last Oct 18, 2014 we are fortunate to be invited among other bloggers to experience the so called realization dinner plus the tour of Zoomanity park inside Residence Inn,  wherein they house variety of foreign wildlife animals, fishes, snakes and birds.

Before the scheduled dinner there is an orientation coming from the organizers,  a talk from Dra. Frances Roa of Eye Bank Foundation who encourage everyone to be a cornea donor and how we can change lives.  Criselda Valderama, a volunteer lady with eye sight defects is the one who discuss to us how we can survive eating without any lights at all.  She inform us that a waiter/waitress like her will assists us and will give instructions how to locate utensils and food in the dining table, the instruction will be useful only using a clock method  depending where we are facing, like the front is 12 0’clock next is 3’0’clock to the 6 and to 9’0’clock direction.  Cellphones and glittering accessories is not allowed inside the dark hall.

Next step is we are blindfolded in a line where we enter a total pitch black function room, the waitress assign assist us one-by-one to our designated chair. Then we are told to remove our blindfold and to our surprise it is so dark that you can’t even see a single light. Then the usual dinner start using only the sense of touch and taste. I admit I give up using spoon and fork and use my bare hands to consume the serve food on my plate.

During the almost 45mins of eating in the dark, I realize that there are a lot of things that need to be thanks and praise of, I cannot imagine losing your sense to see and survive eating in that situation. Somehow I feel fascinated and move on how blind people live day by day on that kind of survival.  Of course we know how does it feel but it is more felt when you experience it, when you yourself tried eating or walk like them.

I salute Residence Inn for this kind of event. I immediately called some event organizer friends I have and told them this wonderful experience that they need to re-do it so majority will appreciate those blessings they have and stop complaining for those petty matters they always get irritated of.

Our meal in the dark.
After the dinner we proceed to the theater hall of Residence Inn wherein the next show is about to start, the Black Magic performance featuring their in-house talents.

Dinner in the Dark is part of the BIG “O”wesome October of Zoomanity Group who own the Zoomanity Parks inside Residence Inn, they also have this event in Zoobic Safari in Subic and in Misono Restaurant in Makati. The event proceeds goes to Eye Bank Foundation in cooperation with Person With Disabilty Federation of Tagaytay City.

Aside from Zoomanity Park in Tagaytay, Zoobic Safari in Subic, Zoomanity Group also own and managed Zoocobia in Clark Pampanga, Paradizoo in Mendez Cavite, and the newly establish Zoocolate Thrills in Loboc, Bohol.  You can enjoy Zoomanity Parks and get discounts and freebies by liking Zoomanity Group’s official facebook fan page at Or call Tel Nos. 899-9595 loc 344 or email and visit their website at .
Ready to welcome the guest. 

The view  of Taal Volcano from Residence Inn.

Dra. Frances Roa of Eye Bank Foundation . 

Criselda Valderama

The cast and guest of Black Magic show in Residence Inn.

1780 by SariSariStore: Filipino products ready for the world.

Philippine Handicrafts at its best for 1780.
THE Best of Philippine Cultures such as indigenous materials down to variety of foods in a bottle to special handicrafts are now online and ready for the world to have it right at their front door. This is made possible by SariSariStore.Com through their new portal, the 1780 that represents the 17 regions and 80 provinces of the Philippines.

It’s a new website desiring to reach out to small time business enterprises and undiscovered hidden gems of the Country, wherein Filipino heritage products that have yet to make an impact in the market can be order and will be shipped directly by the manufacturer to wherever in the world.

During its launching last Oct 15, 2014 at the Rockwell Tent, SimpleSoft CEO Erniel DyLim said that the difference of 1780 to other product selling site is their commitment to promote, and preserve cultural heritage of Filipinos, and to help as well those small businesses from far flung places of the country, as a proof of that advocacy he emphasize that their starters this time are products which are directly community base of those places that was hit by typhoon and war in the past, such as Tacloban, Zamboanga and Bicol Region.
Brand Architect Amor Maclang.

Heritage Advocate Ivan Henares.


 At the said lunching Dinner, we are serve with authentic Filipino foods that 1780 are selling online, like the Inasal Chicken with Satti Sauce, the delicious Albay Longaniza,  cupcakes by Sweet Patti cakes using the Cacao choco of Kablon farms, and the Mindanao Fruit Wines.

An exhibit of works of local Designer and fashion influencer Amina Aranaz is also showcase in the event. Aranaz is designing bag using indigenous native Philippine materials which will be sold exclusively on 1780.

SariSariStore Brand Architect  Amor Maclang and  Pinoy Heritage Advocate and Travel Blogger Ivan Henares give testimonies at the event supporting this worthy endeavor in promoting our own cultures.

1780 is a sub-portal  to e-commerce site SariSaristore.Com. Pls visit their main portal at a or check their facebook page at to see more featured products that are available online.

Sweet Patti Cupcakes.